Bone on Rock

This started out as a flower, but it didn't work out. So I grabbed my palette knife and this is what came out. I am having to relearn technique beccause of my ms disability. This was my first (and only) experiment with the palette knife this badly disabled. oil, 2016, texas [cp]

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MS Girl

This is how I feel on a bad day with MS [multiple sclerosis]. I'm broken into pieces. see the resemblance to "dying gaul"? oil 2016, texas [cp]

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Choppy Tree

Painted with disabled hands from ms [shakey, lost grip]. I was practicing the painting of a tree. no more smooth bark, have to change to more choppy bark. need to learn how to paint all over again using my alternate hand. Oil, 2015 Texas. [l]

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Tri-Fold Nature

This painting has a dark gray block representing my heart and three genderless humanoids indicating the tri-fold nature of people or relationships.  There was no indication to me of how to get into the dark gray heart-box, just that it arose from the mist and the spirit being’s hand was upon it.  The image came... Continue Reading →

Lead Weights

This painting represents my depressed and aching heart.  I would wake up and go to sleep with the feelings of lead weights literally hanging from my heart and internal muscles in my left chest.  So, I painted a picture of gray blocks hanging from a hunk of flesh (my heart), pulling and tearing it.  There... Continue Reading →

Stress Pulls

Having 7 jobs plus 2 groups I attended, these activities became overwhelming.  I felt my chest being flayed open and the flesh pulled taught to the sides.  The sternum was exposed against darkness. oil 1992 texas

Dark Job

Another painting in response to that film-to-slide job. I worked in the dark with big machine components. Job stress through co-workers not from the job. oil 1993 texas

Bloody Film

A response to job stress. My job was to take negatives & turn them into slides. Stressful environment with co-workers. oil 1993 texas

Lamprey in Chest

Often my chest feels violated, raped, invaded, bruised, gutted, or raw after certain experiences.  For this painting, I felt like a "window" was implanted in my chest which I visualized both open AND closed.  I wanted to paint two companion pieces, but only did the first.  The window is set against a naked human chest. ... Continue Reading →

Angst, Inner Pus

I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon of painting while Rob was gone, but before leaving he made some remark which angered me and started gnawing at my innards.  Thus, I did this one in the early stages of angst in hopes of getting it out before my afternoon (and painting time) were greatly... Continue Reading →

Exposed Back

For years, I often felt a dark cloud emanate from my lower back, causing it to ache and casting me into a depression.  In the painting, the flesh has been ripped off the back, exposing torn tissue and worm-like, white vertebra.  The rest of the body is unimportant to the miasma of physical and emotional... Continue Reading →

Quiet Meal

This is a follow-up to the Blue Lady [new age, nature, healer etc self] and the Orange Lady (critical self, parent). Once someone asked me what it would be like if the two women talked to one another.  Wow-- what a concept.  I thought about it for years.  This is the result. The 2 two... Continue Reading →

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