Marriage Wall

In December 1991, Rob and I had a very serious heart-to-heart talk about our marriage.  Essentially, I was cold and reserved during much of the conversation.  On the other hand, he came to realize some of the negative stuff he was sending my way and felt really guilty about it.  After several hours, I was beginning to warm towards him, but that warmth needed careful nurturing.  I explained that there was a warmth starting in my heart, like a fire warming a brick wall.  I then envisioned this scene.

Sometime in January, I don’t know if it was in Warsaw, Indiana, or Texas, I saw a ruined and dilapidated castle against a flaming sky as representing my marriage.  But even though it appears shattered and falling apart, there is still a small part of it which still offers warmth and comfort.  The home part is gone but it can be rebuilt again, either on the same spot or elsewhere.  oil, POLAND Indiana texas ?? 1991

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