Angst, Inner Pus

I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon of painting while Rob was gone, but before leaving he made some remark which angered me and started gnawing at my innards.  Thus, I did this one in the early stages of angst in hopes of getting it out before my afternoon (and painting time) were greatly effected. Once “exorcised”, I was able to proceed with the painting I had intended to paint all along.

This represents a wound which is old and deep.  There is puss and torn flesh from the wound not healing and being aggravated.  To me, Rob’s remark suggested a bandaid remedy to a deep, severe problem.  On the surface it may appear like a small cut, but down below the surface the wound festers and is cavernous.  Note the bandaid covering the surface of the cut.

The title comes from part of Rob’s response when he saw it.  He likes my work of this type and wanted to encourage me to develop more of this “personal” art (as opposed to the “living room” landscape art.)   He also intended to build my esteem with a compliment.  In his remarks was the phrase “Angst sells.”  Thus, the title. oil 1992 texas

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