Lead Weights

This painting represents my depressed and aching heart.  I would wake up and go to sleep with the feelings of lead weights literally hanging from my heart and internal muscles in my left chest.  So, I painted a picture of gray blocks hanging from a hunk of flesh (my heart), pulling and tearing it.  There is blood on the blocks and the connecting strings or wires.  The white background is lightly tinted with umber, giving it a brownish-tan quality.

This was the first white painting in the February 1992 White Series.  Three paintings done in the same afternoon and were of images I had “developed” for about a month in my mind.  Although LEAD WEIGHTS was the first painted in the series, it was the last visualized chronologically.  By painting this one first, I was able to expel some negative feelings which then allowed the following two in the series a truer form of expression.



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