Quiet Meal

This is a follow-up to the Blue Lady [new age, nature, healer etc self] and the Orange Lady (critical self, parent). Once someone asked me what it would be like if the two women talked to one another.  Wow– what a concept.  I thought about it for years.  This is the result. The 2 two women are talking by the stew they created.  I imagined the blue lady brought vegies while the orange lady snared a rabbit.  Beyond them is a stone or clay sculpture which together they are creating.  It is me.  In the landscape I painted blue rocks and earth, elements which were missing from the original, vegetative Blue Lady painting.  There are also firey-colored grasses, again elements which were missing in the original, rocky Orange Lady painting.  Twilight and tree limbs surround the ensemble; I don’t know if it is dawn or dusk.  I painted this within a “sacred circle” of lit candles located in the four directions. oil 1992-93 texas

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