Tri-Fold Nature

This painting has a dark gray block representing my heart and three genderless humanoids indicating the tri-fold nature of people or relationships.  There was no indication to me of how to get into the dark gray heart-box, just that it arose from the mist and the spirit being’s hand was upon it.  The image came to me as I tried to understand or explain how friends affected me.

One time I had this very strong image or feeling of a recent friend was inside me next to my heart.  I don’t know how he got there, but it was as if his spirit had miniaturized to a couple of inches and was physically there with his hand lightly touching my heart.  It felt as though my spirit shared “spirit” things with him.  (This is the “soul-mate” aspect of a relationship.)

As I analyzed the image, I also saw a second lighter image which I interpreted as personality and painted it using a lighter gray and placed it behind the spirit being.  This is where Rob has a strong stand because his personality can humor and comfort my heart.

The third humanoid in the painting is done in light tan and represents the physical part of a person.  For me, it is much less important than the other two and hence is behind them.  It represents the physical touching and sexual potential in a relationship which can greatly affect the heart.  Perhaps it is a sexual drive which wants physical intimacy.  In any event, the physical is there with the spiritual and personality beings.

I saw the heart-box and three beings surrounded by fog or mist.  In the foreground, I mixed the white with just a touch of yellow ochre making it warm, whereas for the distance I tinted the white with just a bit of blue-gray making it shadowy and like a tunnel or cavernous space behind the three beings.

This was the second white painting in the February 1992 White Series. oil 1992 texas

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