Stripes No Lines

I love the way the colors change in relation to each other.  Someday I would like to emphasize the negative space around a simple object in multiple paintings by changing the background and foreground colors acrylic 1973-75, Indiana [iub]

Stripes Added

Done for a color study assignment in a first semester art class at Indiana University, this assignment sparked an interest in the interaction of colors and our perception of them.  I chose two colors which when placed together would "change."  I used them as colors 1 and 12, then made 10 color steps between them.... Continue Reading →


Colors in this painting change or acquire an "aura" when viewed from across the room.  The same 12 colors are used throughout the spread, however when tiny thin lines of either color [1 or 12] are applied over the intermediate colored bands, then the skinny top color appears to change or develop an aura. [long]... Continue Reading →

Black Base & Color

For a first year painting class, I used a black paint [gesso] to prep the foundation for my new painting. The standard base is white gesso. The professor & teaching assitants commented on the odd base color choice & that I had used black as a color, not as a background. It is a large painting,... Continue Reading →

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