Stripes Added

Done for a color study assignment in a first semester art class at Indiana University, this assignment sparked an interest in the interaction of colors and our perception of them.  I chose two colors which when placed together would "change."  I used them as colors 1 and 12, then made 10 color steps between them.... Continue Reading →

Field at Sunset

Note there is no life in this painting. Apparently this was a subconscious trait in many of my paintings, especialy landscapes. oil, 1990S, texas [p].

Blue Mountains

Dark blue mountains against a dawn sky surrounded by cold water. A palette knife was used to make the mountains, oil, mid-1980s, Texas [a].

Dog in White Room

This painting was done after the blue lady & the critical self. The dog is in a white empty room. A small window is above eye level so he can't see outside. The only bit of outsideness that has managed to get into the room is a small bee or fly which the dog is... Continue Reading →

Critical Self

This was painted shortly after painting the peaceful Blue Lady. a woman stands on rock, preparing to whip something with her cat-o-nine-tails. She stands atop rough rocks & is surrounded by angry oranges & reds. her cape is wing-like. oil, mid-1970s, Indiana [b]

Blue Lady

In my college town there were times I saw this priestess in my mind and there were other times that I was her. So I decided to make a painting of her. I only saw her from the back & in a woods surrounded by light blues. once painted, i didn't see her again. Oil,... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Joy (or Peeps)

I was in a strange mood when I painted this. Here is what came out. Little bits of joy dancing on the paper. When my husband saw it, he called it "Peeps!" Hence, the alternate title. I got a new electric wheelchair one day. I do not feel as tired at the end of the... Continue Reading →

Bone on Rock

This started out as a flower, but it didn't work out. So I grabbed my palette knife and this is what came out. I am having to relearn technique beccause of my ms disability. This was my first (and only) experiment with the palette knife this badly disabled. oil, 2016, texas [cp]

MS Girl

This is how I feel on a bad day with MS [multiple sclerosis]. I'm broken into pieces. see the resemblance to "dying gaul"? oil 2016, texas [cp]

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